Machete's Rum Best Buys

It's relatively easy to find quality rum. Find a high-end liquor store, reach for the top shelf, find a bottle whose producers have put some thought and effort into design, look for some good aging (preferably in double digits), make sure it's pricey and - voila! - chances are you've found a rum that's better than average. Sure, price, design, and shelf placement are no guarantee that the rum is top notch, but odds are good that well-rum it's not.

What's tough is finding some really good stuff without raiding that hiding spot where abuela keeps her Bingo money.

For those who demand the most bang for the least buck, here are my personal recommendations by category considering price and availability. Of course, it's all a matter of taste, but these are all solid rums at kick-ass prices.

  • Cruzan Estate Light ($12)
  • Flor de Caña Extra Dry White ($13)
  • Ron Matusalem Platino ($17)
  • Appleton Estate Special Gold ($15)
  • Gosling's Gold ($16)
  • Cockspur Fine Rum ($18)
Premium Aged Dark:
Ratings and recommendations subject to change.

Updated: February 2008